Unda Radio moves to Como

The Nazi presence in Italy brought another big change in the region, which became part of Italy in 1918: the “Option” program, which encouraged the residents to emigrate to Germany, deceiving them with unrealistic promises. A high percentage of Toblach residents took up the offer and emigrated to the Reich. Unda Radio had to close its doors and the family moved to Como, where Max opened a new factory. On June 10, 1940, all the church bells started ringing: Italy had entered the war, and the splendid life of the Glaubers in Toblach came to an end.
But history moves on, rebuilding begins and the family, after a court fight, regains their ancestral home, the villa, which the Novara engineer was not able to pay for. The new generation comes of age, maturing a strong passion for ecology, Hans and music, Heini, bringing the property to its old splendor, and becoming a meeting point for friends, relatives, artists, musicians, ecologists and prominent international political and cultural personalities.