What to eat

The typical local cuisine offers specialties for all tastes:

Knödel, Spätzle, Tirtlan, Schlutzkrapfen, speck&eggs, local mountain cheeses, game with polenta or fried potatoes, not to mention the mouth watering desserts such as Strudel, ice-cream with hot raspberry sauce, Krapfen, Strauben, Kaiserschmarren or Niggilan. These specialties cannot be described adequately, they have to be tasted! You can find these specialties in many local restaurants or mountain refuges, which use uncontaminated local products in season. A special tip: for pastry lovers, none is better than “Kofler” in Moso, near Sesto. You will be enthused!



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Dobbiaco, known as “the gate to the Dolomites”, is a village of about 3500 inhabitants, located at 4100 feet above sea level. It confines with the Parco Naturale Dolomiti at Sesto, and the Parco Naturale Fanes-Sennes-Braies. It is in the “Tre Cime district”. Beloved by tourists and hikers are the lakes - Dobbiaco and Landro - in this district, walks and excursions to the Corno di Fanes in search of mushrooms. Dobbiaco is appreciated by those to love a peaceful environment, nature, history and culture. Even Gustav Mahler, the famous composer, chose Dobbiaco for his summer vacation in the years 1908-1910..